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About us

We will forever cherish the trust and support that the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP has bestowed upon us. To have an illustrious statesman and distinguished academic such as the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP as the author of the first book for our new publishing house is a remarkable beginning that surpasses all expectations! His decision has profoundly transformed the destinies of our entire team. We are committed to seizing this exceptional opportunity and making integrity, diligence, and professionalism the cornerstones of our service, never failing to meet the trust that Dr Andrew Leigh MP has placed in us. Through our tireless efforts, we aspire to attain such a momentous day—an occasion on which we can, with clear consciences, proclaim to the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP: 'Throughout the years, we have rendered countless authors with the finest translation and publishing services. Your support for us has been truly worthwhile.' 

When established, Canberra Publishing is the only privately owned traditional publishing house in the ACT. Notably, we have been consistently upholding and practising Australian values. Moreover, our in-depth analysis of the Australian publishing market has revealed a remarkable distinction and unique strength within our core team, who possess invaluable management and marketing experience gained from working within the prestigious ranks of 'Fortune Global 500' large corporations. This distinction may be setting us apart from both local Australian publishers and the Australian branches of major European and American publishing firms. Authors can anticipate enriched publishing services derived from our wealth of expertise and resources. 

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