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Professor Catherine Prentice

Professor Catherine Prentice.png

Dr Catherine Prentice is a Professor of Marketing at University of Southern Queensland, and the director of Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for three journals including Service Industries Journal (Q1), Tourism Review (Q1), and Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (B- ABDC). Catherine has published extensively in marketing and management journals as the first or solo author. She is one of the world-leading experts in emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence, chaired several international conferences as well as delivering keynote speeches for various conferences. Prior to her academic career, Catherine had worked in industries for more than a decade as a senior marketing executive in one of the largest corporations in Asia Pacific, and as a business owner of 12 medical clinics, two restaurants and a travel agency. Her main research interests include artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence, service research, consumer psychology, consumer behavior, services and relationship marketing, and gambling studies.

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